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Sonic Bothy Ensemble Creative Learning programmes:

Sonic Bothy’s vision is to create opportunities for musicians with an additional learning support need to individually create, perform and collaborate in making original new and experimental music. We seek new ways to collaborate on a truly equal footing within mixed ability ensembles. We wish to realise the  significant contributions disabled musicians can make to sound, art and music culture, and to celebrate and promote music created by individual artists and mixed ability groups.

We make space within Sonic Bothy for musicians to explore what their music means to them, what skills and ideas they wish to develop. We create links and supported opportunities outside of Sonic Bothy with our partners for musicians to take part in residencies, collaborations and performances, supporting our musicians to try their ideas in more formal settings if they wish.

As a mixed-ability team we design open learning opportunities for schools and for the public with an ALSN to explore new and historical ideas in music, and to find their voices in creating their own.  We ask questions of our musical environment and the forces that shape our music, working with others to remove barriers to participation.

We are passionate about equality, experimentation and new music, and strive to find new ways to learn, compose and perform. We like to share this learning through public discussion events, online films, workshops and performances.

We are currently running 2 Creative Learning Programmes:

Open Session Series

Bothy Learning Space Programme

Open Session Series

Our Open Session Series is a series of open workshops exploring ideas and areas of music in a fun and social way.

Open sessions are open to everyone!

Anyone with an additional learning support need of any learning or musical ability is welcome to come and join in, these sessions are for everybody.

Open sessions also provide an opportunity for musicians who might be interested to join the Bothy Learning Space programme to come and meet us here at Sonic Bothy and find out more.

To get involved please contact us.

Bothy Learning Space

The Bothy Learning Space programme provides opportunities for musicians who wish to explore their music further than general participatory sessions. Learning starts at an intermediate level and develops at the pace of those involved.

We offer opportunities for individual and collaborative/ensemble development and training, and combine learning about music history with composition, improvisation and performance in an open and accessible way that suits the individual and their interests.

The Bothy Learning Space programme involves commitment to attending regular sessions and some intensive days of work.

To get involved please contact us.