Premiered on 08/05/2021 as part of Tectonics Festival.

“Verbaaaaatim” for piano, harpsichord, found materials, percussion, voice, violin, bass clarinet is a live recording of a ‘zoom’ improvisation, with captions and visuals. Sonic Bothy’s remote working experimentation with live captioning free improvisation (a necessary addition for 2 hearing impaired musicians) led to a new process. Free improvisations were audio described in live captions, while 2 hearing impaired musicians improvised a response to the captioned text. Previously captioned texts began to take on the role of ‘scores’, while new improvisations – and new captioned texts – were created each time a score was played.

This track is the live recording inspired by the text of an earlier improvisation, and captures in real time the different ways that musicians are responding to the material. Sonic Bothy’s recent forays into DADA have shaped the music, collages, film and final captions.

We would advise listening with headphones.


Sonic Bothy Ensemble is an award-winning inclusive experimental and new music ensemble and organisation. Sonic Bothy’ members are a group of musicians with and without an additional learning support needs, some of whom work in Scotland and UK experimental and new music scenes.

With eclectic interests spanning free improvisation, contemporary classical, dance, electroacoustic, musicals, noise and others, Sonic Bothy creates original works that define new ideas and directions in collaborative composition with accessibility underpinning, sometimes inspiring, and often radically and dynamically shaping the music. Sonic Bothy has a flexible line-up of harmonium, woodwinds, found materials, piano, percussion, voice and violin.
Sonic Bothy began as an artist’s project in 2012, and has been creating inclusive opportunity and change in music in Scotland for disabled musicians since. Performance highlights include Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra Festival (between 2012-2017), Counterflows 2013, Sound Festival 2014, CCA 2018, and more recently Tusk Festival 2019. First album Fields was released in 2019 to warm critical reception.


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October 27, 2021