prepared pianoWe are very excited to be working with sound artist Nichola Scrutton! We are creating a piece together for our next performance at Counterflows 2014.

The idea that we listen differently to live sounds and to recorded sounds got us thinking, so we went on a trip down to Argyle Street train station to capture the ambiance of the platform. Short sections of sounds from these recordings have been transformed into a technological instrument that we will be playing in our final piece.

While one half of Sonic Bothy worked with technology, the other have been inspired by John Cage and constructed our own prepared piano. We liked the resonant qualities of our piano, this made us listen more carefully and attentively.

The piano sounds like a different instrument’ – Adam

It’s good to hear a note and let it vibrate for a period of time’ – Andrew

We will be exploring how to merge the live and recorded sounds in the next few weeks which should have an interesting outcome. Come along to our performance on Sunday 6th April to listen to the result!