Sonic Bothy Ensemble at HippFest 2023: Silent Film Festival: Wednesday 22nd March 2023

HippFest 2023

Wednesday 22nd March 2023
Hippodrome, Bo’Ness
Tickets: £14 | £11.50 concession
Before The Wizard of Oz, there was The Blue Bird – Maurice Tourneur’s fairy-tale fantasy about two children’s quest for the blue bird of happiness! The magical journey of Tyltyl and his little sister Mytyl is based on playwright Maurice Maeterlinck’s hugely popular symbolist 1908 play L’oiseau bleu that has inspired dozens of versions before and since Tourneur’s exquisite adaptation. The allegory extolling what is really important in life is simple, but every frame is a visual delight, with bewitching costumes, stunning sets and gorgeous production design.


HippFest is proud to present the world premiere of a new commission by Sonic Bothy, an award-winning Glasgow based inclusive ensemble that explores, composes and performs experimental and contemporary music.


Dir. Maurice Tourneur | 1918 | US | N/C PG | 1h 20m
With: Tula Belle, Robin Macdougall, Edward Elkas, Emma Lowry, Edwin E. Reed
Performing live: Sonic Bothy Ensemble
Screening material courtesy of the George Eastman Museum