Sonic Bothy will take up a residency hosted by AC Projects at CCA from Monday 26th October to November 20th 2015.

Working with invited artists Kirsty Stansfield and The One Ensemble, this residency explores ideas and questions around what it means to be a collaboratively composing ensemble; examining ideas of democracy, listening, collaboration and composition within a contemporary and inclusive ensemble setting.

Sonic Bothy Ensemble will also deliver a session as part of their ‘Open Session Series’ during the  residency – music sessions inviting people with an additional learning support need to join Sonic Bothy in exploring themes of the residency. This will take place on Thursday 5th November in CCA.

This residency has been made possible by AC Projects, Glasgow Music at Glasgow Life.

UPDATE The October Residency was supported through a Kickstarter campaign. Sonic Bothy would like to thank Alice Gee, Ann Hastie, Anne Gillies, Carla Whalen, Carrie Connolly, Ceylan Hay, Charles Reilly, Clare Hoare, David Fraser, David Quin, Ellen, Euan, George Burt, Geraldine Heaney, Jacqueline Scott, Jean Bremner, Julie Watson, Kat WIlson, Kathleen Browning, Linda Philip, Louise Murphy, Neil McDermott, Nick Love, Rachel Docherty, Sandra Quin, Sarah Rose Graber and Stephen McCann for their generous contributions.