Sonic Bothy Ensemble are seeking your stories about using public toilets!

We are making a new music work that we are calling Public Inconvenience. This will be a music and art performing/ film piece exploring why and how public toilets – in particular accessible toilets – are closing all over the country.  In the last 6 months 19% of public toilets in the UK have disappeared, and more people than ever before are affected. 

We would love to hear about your best and worst experiences of Scotland’s public toilets! Is there a great one that is well decorated, or do you know of a terrible one that is cold, or has been closed? Or maybe it is really inaccessible?

We would particularly like to hear from people depending on accessible loos – we are hearing some strange stories about how they are often being used for many other reasons other than as toilets – the worst so far is one being used as an office! 

We would also like to hear stories from people of how the impact of closed public toilets are affecting the places we can go, or how we can travel.  Or of the cost of having to buy something in a café to use the toilet, having to use difficult door codes, and any other issues.  Do you know of a public toilet that has closed? 

If you are interested to share a story and have it be a part of or inform our new music piece, please email your story in writing or on a voice recording at  Please send it to us by Wednesday 1st December, 5pm. 

Please keep it clean!! We are hoping to include stories as a public performance, and so only stories that can be shared publicly are welcome! 

About Sonic Bothy 

Sonic Bothy is an award-winning inclusive experimental and new music organisation. Sonic Bothy Ensemble is an inclusive ensemble whose members are a group of musicians with and without an additional learning support need, some of whom work in Scotland and UK experimental and new music scenes.

Sonic Bothy Ensemble began as an artist’s project in 2012 and has been creating inclusive opportunties and change in music in Scotland for disabled musicians since. Performance highlights include Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra Festival (between 2012-2017), Counterflows 2013, Sound Festival 2014, CCA 2018, Tusk Festival 2019, and more recently Tectonics Online. First album Fields was released in 2019 and is available on Bandcamp. 

Sonic Bothy runs other learning and community programmes – please see for more details.