Sonic Bothy Ensemble
sound Festival
The Resonance is Joy Part 1: Inside Sound Out
Wednesday 20th October 2021
Available online here until Sunday 31st October 2021


Sonic Bothy continues its commitment to experimental inclusive practices with this new film exploring the creative work of Sonic Bothy Ensemble.

Sonic Bothy Ensemble has been living, breathing, feeling and creating music; gaining knowledge and experience together in collaborative composition, improvisation and performance since 2012.

By asking ‘What do we do?! How do we do it?!’ from the perspectives of Embodied Cognition in experimental and new music, the film explores Sonic Bothy Ensemble’s accessible practice in new light.

This film is part of the University of Glasgow’s multi-disciplinary network project ‘Towards a Somatic Music’. It is the first part of Sonic Bothy’s current 15 month project ‘The Resonance is Joy’.

This event will be broadcast un tile 31st October on the sound Festival website here and via YouTube.



Following the film screening there will be a live Q&A. Please continue watching the video to listen to the Q&A.

If you would like to ask a question please post this in the YouTube chat facility. Please sign in to YouTube using your Google account. The chat facility is on the right hand side of the video while the screen is minimised.